4 Bedroom Vacation Home Rental with Ocean View and Ozone therapy Spa near Corcovado
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4 Bedroom Vacation Home Rental with Ocean View and Ozone therapy Spa near Corcovado

Sound Healing Rainforest Therapies

Comprised of 1000’s of individual organic instruments, the flora and fauna in the Costa Rica rain forest creates a symphony of jungle noises vibrating outwardly at their highest frequency. The monkeys and parrots are right on time and at peak performance to join the symphony of crickets, cicadas and other odd sounds scurrying and calling out into the night. The lapping waves and the broad leaved banana leaves join the chorus. You are lulled to sleep in cacophony of harmonic healing tones permeating into every conductive cell in your body. Day or night, the rain forest flora and fauna creates a healing tone that makes you want to curl up in hammock with a good book. There is no such thing as silence in the rain forest.  The rain forest teaches us that silence is in our hearts.

Offers a manifest of healing effects in the trees, plants, air, water and in the earth. It becomes easier to let go of mind chatter and access intuition near nature.  Meditating, hiking or sitting in the forest quiets distracting thoughts giving you a profound sense of presence, improved health and wellness. Experience the sense of timelessness in the oldest and most biodiverse forest in the world. Rain forest respiratory recovery therapies will reduce stress and anxiety. Return home with perception and heightened intuition.

Re-wire your biology to the flora and fauna of the most diverse place on earth. Your Body, Mind and Spirit will thank you.  Ask about – All-Inclusive Travel Packages including meals, therapy, massage and eco-tours and travel packages to Costa Rica. Leave the details to the monkeys.