4 Bedroom Vacation Home Rental with Ocean View and Ozone therapy Spa near Corcovado
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4 Bedroom Vacation Home Rental with Ocean View and Ozone therapy Spa near Corcovado

Tropical rainforests contain more homeopathic compounds than anywhere on earth.

Here under the canopy in Costa Rica you’ll find millions of living species of odd trees and leafy plants growing atop Calcium bentonite ‘blue’ clay. Packed with vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals, clay is anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and absorbs heavy metals, toxins and carcinogens. It’s the oldest chemotherapy and detox treatment known to man?  Continued clay treatments eradicate cancer cells altogether. Invite the world’s oldest and most complex rainforest cures into your diet and life. Combine rain forest plants, fruits, herbs and spices with meditative bio breathing and respiratory therapies. Excite your biology with the super foods of coconut, cacao, honey and coffee. Enjoy moonlit herbal and salt water baths. The soothing sounds of the forest harmonize your intuitive wisdom along with the rest of the biological choir.

Connect to the collective consciousness of the minerals in the forest air, purest water and in nutritious super foods. Our seafood and vegetarian delights are infused with rainforest plant medicine. Magical smoothies made with papaya, banana, coconut, mango, ginger and turmeric. We offer forest to table super food cuisine with an emphasize on laughing, bathing, privacy and pampering.  Breathe, bathe, eat and drink from the source of intuition. Connect your spirit to warm weather, meditation, massage and monkeys too. Take home more than a t-shirt on your next vacation to Costa Rica.

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Get a complete upgrade from a 200 million-year old forest.

People suffering from auto immune dis-eases such as Autism, Parkinson’s, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, stand to benefit the most from Calcium sodium bentonite clay therapies.  Since pre-history, humans and animals have consumed colloidal minerals such as Bentonite clay. Costa Rica forests contain plants, soil and water with the highest concentration of trace elements and minerals on earth!  Iron, copper, zinc, phosphorous, sulfur and magnesium come together in ‘all in one’ recovery medicine to remove radiation, unwanted metals and toxins. Ingestion of clay is proven to rid a man of prostate cancer, repair the gut, liver and kidneys and relieves the symptoms of MS, arthritis, skin and bone dis-eases. Sodium calcium bentonite clay reduces swelling, cleans out pores, improves skin tone and rids sunburn.

These regenerative cures are like love, music, theatre and art, removing and replacing unwanted blockages and impurities with vibrational atonement and oxygenated therapies to revitalize every cell in your conductive body. Allowing your liver and kidneys can get back to a normal work day, clay finds and flushes out dis – eased tissue like a 100-year flood and leaves behind anti-bacterial ‘charged’ minerals to repair your gut and digestive track. Found in water, air, soil and plants, these life supporting minerals charged with electrolytes are also found in most super foods. Cleanse your whole being with rainforest therapies.



Tropical rainforests produce 40 % of Earth’s oxygen.

Vibrating at a highest frequency, tropical rainforests produce 40 % of Earth’s oxygen and evaporate massive amounts of fresh water into the atmosphere. Here you’ll find an alchemy of intelligently developed trees and odd leafy plants releasing anti-microbial minerals of iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, nickel and zinc into the sweetly scented humid air. These conductive elements in air and water molecules contain sodium, silicon, selenium, cobalt, enzymes, proteins and vitamins. Sound and tones traveling in the air, water and in plants amplify conductive minerals to defend the forest from drought, dis-ease and harmful radiation. No different than our own immune system. Our life support system is mostly water and loaded with conductive minerals, proteins, enzymes  and organic compounds. This is the reason why we feel clarity and peace when we walk in the forest, sit near a waterfall, a lake or at the beach. Consciousness seems accessible. Clarity comes to mind as conductive minerals in your cells vibrate along with the crashing waves or the forest’s cacophony of parrots, owls, crickets and other odd scurrying critters.

Calling out day and night, even the broad leaved plants sway in the cool breeze to join the harmony of intelligent instruments. Each with parts to play. The monkeys and parrots are right on cue and at peak performance. There is no such thing as silence in the rainforest. Nature teaches us that silence is in our hearts. We offer a ‘forest to table’ super food adventure with an emphasize on laughing, bathing, breathing, privacy and pampering.

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  • Medicinal cuisine and education.
  • Bio breathing yoga and meditation.
  • Herbal and salt water mineral baths
  • Calcium sodium bentonite clay therapies.
  • Earthing in conductive beach minerals.
  • Dolphins, monkeys and chocolate farm tour.

We offer a ‘forest to table’ super food adventure with an emphasize on laughing, bathing, breathing, privacy and pampering.